KeeWeb : Can not find my kdbx file :-(


I opened the kdbx file from my local desktop with the keeweb app on nextcloud.
He told me that the kdbx file would be saved on my server.
I moved nextcloud on a new domain.
Since today my file has disappeared (it is no longer in files recently opened from keeweb).
Where is it stored?

On keeweb I do not have a button to create a new file.
Why ?

Your file was likely stored in its internal storage (which is not stored in nextcloud). If you want your file to be stored in nextcloud, setup your server with this config:

Then upload your file to your server using the nextcloud interface. Open keeweb app and instead of clicking open, click “more” and then WebDAV. Fill out the forms.

thank you. But how to recover the file I had created?

You won’t be able to recover it using the nextcloud interface. If you can ssh to your server, you can find your file by:

sudo find / -iname *kdbx*


sudo find / -iname *kdbx

I forgot how it was named. Then just copy the file using scp or sshfs.

Hey. I don’t get what you mean. What exactly do I have to write in the WebDAV settings as URL? I just get no last modified header. What do I have to insert? /var/www/nextcloud/data/CptDayDreamer/files/Passwords.kdbx it my path. Can you explain it to me?

Ok sorry I think I understood. I got the file in my NC files. I made a rightklick and got the WebDAV link. Now it tells me HTTP status 401. What the hell should be the password and username then?