Keeping files in sync on iOS

I am a big fan of the todo.txt file format and storing my todos in a plain text file. On my Mac, I use the todo.txt command line bash script. But on my iOS devices the only app I can find is one called SwiftDo. It uses two sync providers: Dropbox and the Files app.

So I set up the Nextcloud for iOS app, and then went into SwiftDo, and set up my sync provider as the Files app, browsed to my todo,txt file and was able to add todos and they would show up after a minute on my phone, when I added them to my phone, they would show up on my computers.

Before I went to bed last night, I added one more Todo from my iPad. I then checked my laptop a few minutes later and the todo was there.

I wake up this morning and check the SwiftDo app on my phone and the new Todo I added is not there. I pull to refresh, and it’s still not there.

Is this an iOSI limitation I am dealing with here, where iOS does a crappy job of running stuff in the background? I was really hoping by using the Files app that I woud be able to do a proper background file sync using Nextcloud.

Check with your specific app documentation.
Also, check nextcloud ios github issues.

I switches to Google Drive, and that has been working fine for 4 days now.

There have been quite a few Nextcloud releases since I originally posted this. Time to switch back to Nextcloud and see if the issue might be fixed.