Keep your data in your school: Use Nextcloud locally in educational settings

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Who owns the data at your university?

Who owns the files at your school?

Who owns student’s data?

Protecting data in schools, universities, and other educational institutions is paramount for the sake of organizations and their students. The security measures safeguarding personal information, external communication and collaborative work needs to be intact and transparent.

With Nextcloud Hub, educational institutions can easily protect their data stored on-premises to ensure utmost security. Let’s take a look at how Nextcloud functions for faculty, student’s and researchers.

School administrators and educators

For administrators and educators, you are entrusted with the future of your students and their privacy. Student’s personal information must be safeguarded and kept on-premises at the school or university. Nextcloud ensures the utmost security so you can store, share and archive files with transparency and precision.

“We wanted to offer an alternative service to the Google or Microsoft office suites which would be compatible with our data sovereignty policy.”

Sorbonne University, case study

Student remote learning and collaboration

Students learn best when the tech they use is reliable. They need to be able to easily collaborate with other students, work on homework and submit assignments and projects. Nextcloud offers an intuitive platform that students can use with ease and connect with from anywhere. When it comes to remote learning, Nextcloud provides:

  • Video calls with break out rooms
  • Real-time editing in documents
  • Secure chat with peers and teachers
  • File storage with administrator controls
  • Integrations with popular e-platforms
  • Access from web, mobile and desktop interfaces
  • And much more!

Whatever the needs of your school, university, or institution, they can be met with Nextcloud.

Benefits of Nextcloud Enterprise

Only Nextcloud Enterprise offers educational institutes the reliability, security and compliance they need to confidently deploy software in critical environments.

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Researcher and PhD candidates

University researchers and PhD students work with a cumbersome amount of data. Some data is easy to store like files and documents, whereas others like images and video, sound recordings and measurement data take on a lot of storage capacity. The Nextcloud platform can handle large amounts of data, scales easily and can be stored locally on your server.

Success stories

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University

Nextcloud provided the University with a sovereign cloud solution for their researchers, students and staff.

Nextcloud Hub improves convenience for Meiji University

Meiji University

Nextcloud Hub significantly improved convenience for students and faculty.

Protect student data at all costs

It is paramount to protect student data for the privacy of the student, parent satisfaction and the reputation of your institution.

Nextcloud in Education

Nextcloud is a pioneer in leading educational institutions to a data sovereign future

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