Keep WebDav connection on Macos persistent after login/reboot

Hello there,

I have an issue in connecting to my NextCloud (latest build) space via WebDav on Macos 12.1 (latest update).

This is what I did:

  1. Followed the official documentation to connect the resource (Accessing Nextcloud files using WebDAV - and this step perfectly works
  2. In order not to have to re-do this step at every reboot/login, I went to Mac > Preferences > Users & Groups > Login elements and I added the account on the shared-network drive (my nextcloud > user folders) to this panel, so that the connection should stay persistent and do it at every login automatically.

Now the problem comes. At every login I get a popup saying that the resource cannot be found - my thought is that Apple/Mac tries to connect to the online drive even before it is connected to the wifi/internet

But for this reason the connection disappears and I am no longer connected via WebDav to my Nextcloud. Now I was wondering if there is another way to connect via WebDav from Mac (and keeping the connection) without having to download the nextcloud macos app.

Thanks in advance, and I am available if you need any further information.

Have a nice day and Happy new year!


The problem is still present, sadly

MacOS is a little bit a BSD UNIX and so you can perhaps also use davfs2.
Sorry i use davfs2 only on linux but it works great.

Why do you not use the Nextcloud client?