Keep it up, NC 15, beta 2 is here!

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After hitting feature freeze and testing beta 1, many issues have been resolved and improvements were made. For this beta, we hope to have most apps in the app store ready supporting 15 and of course we continue to value the upgrade process stability greatly, so test it!

Nextcloud 15 beta 2 (zip)

What's new

You can see a list of what we've changed in this release and what is still open in github - consider it our changelog for now.

This is a major release so it comes with loads of goodies, but there’s a lot of testing still to be done. We have our automated tests and it has gotten some basic smoke testing but no test scheme can replace the myriad of ways you all use Nextcloud, on NAS devices to big iron servers!

Besides testing, your help is also welcome in polishing. Small UI improvements, fixes to details - and of course bugfixes! If you are new to Nextcloud, you’re more than welcome to get involved - simply join us on github or check out this page on our website. Note that translations are very welcome too! Now is the time to translate and make sure 15 is ready for as big a number of users as possible. We have millions of users and they don’t all read English!

If you are on the beta channel, we will make beta 2 of 15 available in just a minute, stay tuned!

If you’d rather test 14.0.4rc1, you can configure a separate updater server, see this comment on the forums.

Edit: what's known broken

One thing we found is that the "App updates available" list was not working in 14.0.3 and 15.0.0 beta 1, so you can't rely on this when deciding for the update. It always says "All fine - all apps compatible" while they are not. Workaround: apply this or update to 14.0.4 before going to 15 beta 2.
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15 beta 2 already shows up in my beta channel. But the web updater hangs at “Start Update”. This is the first time I have trouble with the web updater. Manual upgrade via occ worked.

@tflidd @rakekniven This might be useful for helping out in the forums with problems like that. An upgrade to 14.0.4 first is recommended to properly see which apps are not compatible.

“Settings -> Apps” is empty/apps won´t show up.

I have the same issue, see

I can see the apps but some are not compatible with NC 15 b2.
Talk also does not really work. Audio and video is good like NC 14.03, but there are no notifications at all at the moment.
Next point is the video player for films which does not close and one has to refresh the page.
Hoping for the beta 3. :slight_smile

Clearing cache on Firefox 63 solved my issue.

Upgrading from 14.0.3 to NC15 beta 2 upgrade worked well minus a few things: did not do a database upgrade, had to do it from occ; files do not show, there is just… nothing! everything is gone!!! Had to clear cache, update all the apps that weren’t compatible, remove totp, and now everything works. Ugh.