Keep folder structure when sharing file

Is there a way to share a file which is contained in a folder such that the user or group receiving it automatically get it in the same folder structure instead of getting it at the root folder?

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Afaik, this is not yet possible, but I have in mind that someone has already asked to allow moving shared files - unfortunately I could find the issue ticket at the moment.

+1, I would like to see this feature as a lot of sharing creates an unmanageable root folder.

There is a configuration option in which you can set the folder in which shares appear. That helps greatly against cluttering the root folder and make this feature request unnecessary. Also groupfolders have the same structure everywhere.

@lars-becker That sounds interesting, can you please point us to the configuration option where the folder setup can be done.

In config.php you can set ‘share_folder’ => ‘/custom’, which defaults to ‘/’. You still have the issue of whatever is shared will be dumped directly in that folder, but it’s better than dumping it in the root of the user’s instance, and helps with selective folder syncing with the desktop client.

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@linucksrox Thank you, I missed that and thought it would be possible to set the path in the GUI.

That would be nice!

Given @linucksrox’s answer, I think my request is still valid.
I don’t self-host my NC instance and thus can’t access config.php. Furtherore, there is still no way to actually keep the folder structure.

I opened a new feature request to be able to change the custom shared folder path from the admin settings:

Regarding keeping the folder structure, I think it gets a bit more complicated because just the fact that users can move or rename folders and files that are shared with them means the folder structure is already different. After a quick search on the Github issues, this one caught my attention:

It mentions checking out the group folders app which maybe does what you’re trying to do. If you need to share something and make sure users don’t change the structure on their end, group folders might be a good way to handle that.