KDE Kontact error connecting to NC

Linux Users here.
I’m trying to connect KDE’s PIM (KAddressBook/KOrganizer) to my NC 20 installation.
While everything works fine with Thunderbird (Cardbook and TBsync/lightning) i struggle to get it working with the KDE-Tools.

After providing the credential and testing the Connection, i get the following error:

`An error occurred: There was a problem with the request. Invalid username/password (401).`

Not shure whether the error is on KDE’s side or with NC.
Any hints?


Do you know that a Nextcloud user guide exists which contains a paragraph in which the synchronization with KDE Kontact is explained?!


yes i do.
i get the aforementioned error while doing :

step 6. You can now test the connection…

after clicking this button it takes it’s time and then i get the error.
Unfortunately, while searching the search engines i didn’t find any results mentioning this term. I’m a bit clueless where to start searching for a solution