Just wanted to let you know about https://cooked.wiki for cleaning up recipes

I just came across https://cooked.wiki. They bill themselves as a reader view for recipes. They claim you can go to any recipe url and prefix it with https://cooked.wiki/ and it will show you a nice recipe only condensed view. So far it hasn’t disappointed. I haven’t used their other features, but it seems to me that there might be some opportunity given the overlap between their reader functionality and the NC Cookbook import. At the very least, supporting https://cooked.wiki/ as an import source would allow for an additional way of getting recipes not yet supported imported.

Anyways, just wanted to make you aware. Love the NC Cookbook App!

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Thanks for the link!

I opened an issue to incorporate this in the backend to use the service as a fallback: Add parser using cooked.wiki · Issue #2193 · nextcloud/cookbook · GitHub

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