Just want to give a shoutout to the devs of AIO


I’ve been a longtime user of NextcloudPi and the work that @nachoparker and all the other devs did to maintain it are amazing.

I was updating my server from Odroid to a x64 Mini-PC and was hesitant to leave my beloved NCP behind. I loved the NCP Webgui, it made everything that much more straightforward for me. I was worried that I wouldnt be able to get the same hand-holding from any other nextcloud instance.

I then opted for Nextcloud AIO. I was new to docker, not really sure what I was doing but found some very helpful posts both on the Github page and here in these forums. I got it up and running and have never looked back.

I just wanted to thank anyone involved in the Nextcloud AIO as the integration of BorgBackup, Collabora, ClamAV and everything just…works. No fiddling required in the back-end, little if any cli usage (to get me in trouble). My Nextcloud instance has never worked better.

Thanks again for AIO, NCP and Nextcloud in general, this community is amazing.