Just trying the app

Hi - Just installed the cookbook app - so far it is working well.

I have been making my own recipe book too - just storing the recipe in open recipe format, and a template for PicoCMS that formats it nicely. Advantage is it can be accessed without logging into Nextcloud - which is a pain when cooking with the phone and when you have two factor authentication on the web site.


The open recipe format is good as it is one of the few that separates the ingredient into a ingredient, a quantity and a unit. It also YAML - so is easy to write and is not as over the top as the XML formats.

The disadvantage is that nobody is using it - so you can’t just import recipes as easily :slight_smile:

Will have to see if I can write a converter :slight_smile:

Anyway - interesting app. I am pretty surprised there is so little software around for recipes. I guess the foodies have been too busy taking over the tv stations and newspapers …