Just installed NextCloud.. Some Questions

Nextcloud version (
Operating system and version (Ubuntu 18.04LTS):
Apache or nginx version (Apache 2.4.29):
PHP version (7.2,19):

Did install of NextCloud via the NextCloud_Install_Production.sh. The install appears
to have completed ok as I’m able to get to the login webpage. Problem is, nowhere during the
install script did I see any username/password for initial login to NextCloud. During the early part of the script, since I’d originally run the script as root, the script prompted me to create
a “ncadmin” account, which I did. I’ve tried using that “ncadmin” login to login to NextCloud but am told the password is incorrect. IS the Linux host “ncadmin” account/password different than the NextCloud “ncadmin” account? If so, I have NO IDEA what that password is, as it was never seen during the install script. Is it possible to delete the encrypted password string in the nextcloud_db database “oc_users” table for the “ncadmin” account, then login to nextcloud and put in a password I KNOW?


You create the account the first time you access the web setup wizard.

Pretty sure I never got a “setup wizard”… Once the install completed, if I pointed a webbrowser at the url for the new nextcloud install, all I get is the login prompt, and a “forgot password” which isn’t going to work, as if I click it, it wants to email to my registered email address, and I’ve never seen any configuration for setting up for passing email… Is there some “secret sauce” to get to this “setup wizard”?? I’ve setup/used Owncloud quite a bit and Nextcloud doesn’t seem to install/setup the same way…

The first time you go to it in the web browser, it asks for a user name and password to create an admin account. Maybe that script you were using does it differently.

Anyway, you can use occ to manage user accounts from the cli.


Thanks!! That worked… Got in as ncadmin…