Just how do you stop playing music?

Hello All,

I have NextCloud 14.0.1 and the Android App 3.3.2, which are (from what I can gather) sufficient for playing back music. Sure enough, I searched for a song and had it playing just fine.

Problem is, you click ‘Back’ the media player interface disappears, never to be seen again, yet the music continues through to the end. No amount of anything could get it visible again.

Then other times I just get a message stating “The built-in media player is unable to play the media file” or “No media file found” thereafter.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

(In case it matters, device is LG Q6 and Kindle HD 8 (7th Generation) both with current as-at-time OTA firmware updates).

Me too.

Never able to play mp3 since NC14. But can play mp4. :open_mouth: