Jupyter notebook viewer in nextcloud


I don’t think it exists yet, but what would be really nice, would be an app that renders jupyter notebook in the static html form, as it is done on github or gitlab. (e.g. https://github.com/rasbt/algorithms_in_ipython_notebooks/blob/master/ipython_nbs/search/dijkstra-algorithm.ipynb)

A next big step would be an app like google colab (collaborative work on a running jupyter notebook).

But just having a viewer would be really nice to share notebooks to other people who don’t know how to open them normally.

I’ve zero knowledge about app creation, so I’m just dropping the idea !


I export my jupyter notebooks to Markdown with inline images
and i thought, that this is a way for you.
But sadly the Markdown interpreter in NC will not work with these files :frowning:
Maybe with picoCMS?

+jupyter notebook viewer would definitely be nice!


What I used to do on my local machine, was to have a cron job converting all my ipynb into hmtl with css hiding by default the long ouput and input. If we could have something like this, it would be great too !

Has anyone find a way to preview jupyter notebook (static) within Nextcloud ?