JSCombiner errors on New Nextcloud 13 install

Hello, I have Nextcloud running on a DigitalOcean droplet. I am currently running on Ubuntu 14.04 and I wanted to upgrade to 16.04.

I created a new Droplet, downloaded Nextcloud (latest version of Nextcloud 13), moved the directory over to my web root, created my data directory then made all the necessary permissions changes. Per the Nextcloud Admin manual I installed all of the prerequisite software packages. Then i copied over my config.php file from old system to new, I copied all of my users data to the data directory on the new system and finally I did a database dump on the old system and did a database restore on the new system then restarted Apache.

I navigate to the login page, enter my username and password and then I get an Internal Server Error page with a Request ID. after searching for the Request ID in my nextcloud.log I find a lot of:

JSCombiner: unable to cache:" errors.

What does this mean? Did i not configure something properly? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I reformatted your text a bit. There is already a topic on the bug tracker with some additional information and a possible workaround:

Looking through the referenced bug report, i found the solution referenced below:

dvzrv commented [10 days ago]>>(https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/10436#issuecomment-408896858)

@juliushaertl thanks for getting back to me so fast!
I have found a solution to my problem (and I think something in the js folder was weird):

  • delete js folder: rm -r appdata_*/js
  • recreate occ files:scan-app-data
  • repair: occ maintenance:repair

Now on accessing the instance, the css and js files get merged properly (according to the log). Everything is fast and back to normal! :slight_smile:

My best guess is, that there was some corrupt (or super old) .js or .json file in the cache, that caused this.

Does JSCombiner choke on corrupt data? If so, it would probably be great to have some integrated tests for that.
Not sure how to cause this behavior, but if you’re interested I can send you a compressed backup of the js folder as test data!

My issue with the JSCombiner is now solved. Thanks.