Journal path for different copies of the same remote target

I suspect that i’m using Nextcloud in a bit unorthodox way here, so probably this is more of an improvement request than a bug report.
I would like to:

  • sync most things from my Nextcloud server to internal drive. Leave a few folders unchecked (e.g. backups, music, etc);
  • sync everything to an external drive.

When I try to set it up NC client (rather correctly) complains “This folder is already being synced”, but still lets me set up two different sync folders. Yet the “some/all” approach doesn’t work — whatever was last selected for one sync folder gets propagated for the other folder. Ignore some folders here? They will be ignored in all other sync folders. Select all items to be synced? They will also be synced everywhere else on this machine.
I’ve realised that it happens because the sync folders are sharing “0\Folders\X\journalPath” config. If I manually create and point to a different database then my approach works perfectly — both sync folders work independently.
So this could be a rather low hanging fruit to improve usability — to make sure that journalPaths are unique in the same config. Otherwise this (probably undefined) behaviour is a little bit confusing.

Thank you