Joplin - new Evernote replacement app that offers Nextcloud sync!

Joplin is available here on Github. Fully open source, looks good, Importing from Evernote works just fine in my test of 5k notes, rendering of the pages as Markdown is excellent, and Nextcloud sync is working over WebDav.

Lots of features still to be added, but mobile, desktop, terminal apps are all available.


Wow, looks promising!

For those interested, here are a couple feature requests / discussions going on for further Joplin integration with Nextcloud… Feel free to click the “Thumbs Up” icon in Github if these features interest you.

Nextcloud Tasks within Joplin
Email subject and body to Notes or Joplin
QownnotesAPI as potential backend for Joplin to sync with Nextcloud Notes

Please voice your support for Joplin to properly support Markdown files and metadata when syncing to Nextcloud. Currently these files can be synced, but not edited with the Markdown Editor due to the way Joplin handles metadata.

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the idea is to make the new API or a port of the web companion a project in the GSoC season next year, if Joplin get accepted.
We are happy about any support, join us on

Joplin is accepted as organisation and students are applying, spread the word, as any additional application is welcome to make deeper nextcloud/joplin integration happening.

Joplin | Google Summer of Code

I think it awesome if there is a native nextcloud native app for Joplin wysiwyg editor and sync into internal nextcloud file.

what I understood from it was: you can use NC as a sync-server but it’s not possible (at least not now) to edit your synced files there. It’s just for syncing.

You can already sync Joplin to Nextcloud Notes, but:

  • Joplin will not follow standard Markdown formatting
  • Nextcloud sticks to standards and will not deviate.