Javascript error: err_content_decoding_failed 200

Hi all,

I have installed Nextcloud on Plesk. It was running normal for some time but now I am facing the following error:
And I assume as a result of that I get several Uncaught ReferenceError: OC is not defined errors. The login page does not show the login form, just the defaullt background with footer and header.
I do not have CLI access to the nextcloud instance, only via the plesk file manager, so I am somewhat limited.
I did not find any similar thread to my issue so far, so I hope the community might be able to help me out here.


P.S. I am not sure if it might be relevant, but I had issues updating Nextcloud to newer versions before due to memory limits set in PHP and solved it with a workaround by manually setting the update-step status from “start” to “end”. Could this may have led to some corrupted data or anything?

Nextcloud version:
PHP version: 7.4.18

Same thing happening to me. Any ideas?