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I originally wanted to file an issue in Jackrabbit’s warehouse, but it didn’t seem to be open, so I came here to ask questions where there are relevant places.

Excuse me, does Jackrabbit only support adding, deleting, modifying and searching for WebDAV?

Does Jackrabbit have the function of serving as a webDAV server? I saw that there is an AbstractWebdavServlet abstract class in it. But I didn’t read it carefully. I would like to ask if this function is available, or if there is any project that uses java to implement a webDAV server and can mount it. It can run without additional installation of httpd.

I do not know Jackrabbit but because of here ( Jackrabbit WebDAV Library) "This component provides interfaces and common utility classes used for building a WebDAV server or client.

Write more about the components you use. What do you want to implement. Perhaps this much: Nextcloud is accessible via WebDAV and is therefore a kind of WebDAV server. However, I don’t know whether this makes sense. I think if I needed pure WebDAV, I would choose a different installation, e.g. directly in Apache2. Maybe search “Jackrabbit webdav” in the web.

Accessing Nextcloud files using WebDAV

But Nextcloud is generally a nice piece of software. If you need a cloud, you’ve come to the right place.

Thank you for your reply.
I wanted to try using java to build a webDAV server, so I found Jackrabbit webdav, but it didn’t seem to be used to build it. (Or I don’t know how to use it)

Then when I searched for related issues on git, I saw that there were related issues under the nextcloud warehouse, and I wanted to try to find them here.

Does nextcloud build a cloud disk for users to link to? I may be able to find some ideas from it, or how should I learn nextcloud?

If you only need WebDAV (not with Java) then you can use a normal Apache2 webserver with WebDAV support. Read e.g. this installation guide.

Nextcloud offers much more than WebDAV. It is a cloud solution for managing and sharing files. It can manage contacts and calendars. There are web-based office products and much more. But it can’t make coffee yet. You can access it with any client (browser, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, …) and much more.

There are free providers who offer you a Nextcloud account first. You can then access this via WebDAV, for example.

Nextcloud is quickly installed. It requires a web server, PHP and a database (LAMP). You can also use SQLite for tests if you don’t want to install MariaDB or PostgreSQL. However, SQLite is otherwise not recommended.
GitHub - nextcloud/web-installer: 💊 The web installer for Nextcloud

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Thank you for your suggestion, I will try to use nextcloud!

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