I've lost the place where custom CSS was


I’m very new to nextcloud, I’ve install it yesterday and install the “custom CSS” app.

I was able to set specific CSS for specific group, i was very happy.

This morning, I’ve update server to last version (I don t know if it was the issue).
I am now unable to find the place where to custumize my CSS anymore. The customisation done yesterday are still ok but it 's not possible for me to find where to continue my customization.

I thought it was in the bottom of “theming”, but now there is no more this area.

I am lost. :wink:

From what to what version? How did you update? By web-updater or cli?
Did you run

occ upgrade

after the update?
Is the app disabled by the updater?

Yes, there it should be.
Theming located at settings/admin/theming

Much luck,