I've got an apppassword through login flow v2 and how to use it?

I’m devloping a plugin on my persional project which need to read data from nextcloud so I read documents and then got a apppassword from my server. but the document then ended, and I don’t kown how to use it. Did I miss somthing? Or any one can tell me how to do next?

The only distinction between an “app” password and a “normal” password is in what context it may be used, for example, some API contexts won’t work with the normal password. The METHOD of using it is the same – it goes with the username, as in curl -u "username:password" ....

Thanks a lot ! I finally succeed. By the way, the DAV request should use PROPFIND method like this
curl -X PROPFIND -u 'username:apppassword' http://www.example.com/remote.php/dav/files/path/to/file