iTunes Playlists to NextCloud

Can’t find any documentation anywhere on getting iTunes playlists (I’ve built around 30 with around 10K total songs) so would rather not build these from scratch or drag the same song to multiple ‘playlist’ folders proliferating duplicates and wasting space.

Anyone know if it would be possible to port playlists from iTunes in Win10, even if it’s just to any cloud space before I move to NextCloud Cloudamo?
Or any other backdoor way of getting this done? Soundiiz and MusConv look like solid subscription tools but I don’t see Nextcloud/Cloud options for those.

I don’t now how the playlist structure looks like, but you can export your playlist to an xml file as described here. With a little bit of coding you will most likely be able to convert it to whatever format you want.

Thanks @j-ed. Yeah, xml sharing/export is no problem within iTunes but turning each .xml playlist file into a new NextCloud music playlist is where I’m not seeing anything straightforward.