It's been some time since NextCloud 16

Last time I was using NextCloud was version 16. Back then my preferred install method was manual, on Debian. I was using OwnCloud before.
Where can I quickly catch up with development since then ? Best practices ? Anything special I should keep in mind ?

Edit : Here are a few things i noticed:

  • The Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installer has an option to install several apps using SNAP, NextCloud is there
  • After installation, NextCloud will run without SSL. I had to open firewall ports as indicated in various online guides using ufw for port 80 and 443 to be able to configure Let’s Encrypt with sudo nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt
  • A lot of apps I used to enable are now incompatible with the latest NC hub.

I personally use the docker and AIO installations and have found them both to be pretty stable and easy to work with.

I don’t think a whole lot has changed in terms of manual installation. I know at one point we had a change in the redis docker image defaults where it suddenly wanted a password. Not sure if that change affected other redis distros as well.

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For do it yourself, then biggest change I say is the use of PHP-FPM and the many unofficially supported webservers now able to run Nextcloud. And that it is now MariaDB or Postgresql instead of MySql.

Biggest change in general, is the many appliance-like installation and deployment options now: Docker All in One, VM All in One, NCPi all in one LXC with docker microservices inside, install script from the VM all in one git and many others.

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I chose to use the Snap package installation, and so far it’s running well. I expect something will be different from a manual install, but haven’t run into any problems yet.

Checkout to get caught up on release notes from 17+

Aldo, checkout to see some of the additions to the appstore.

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