Itinerary file doesn't exist Nextcloud mail error

For some reason I can’t send test emails, I am rlly new so I know nothing, I also don’t know how to reach the root directory or the php config file if needed, I am using Ubuntu 22 LTS

I cannot see, whether you configured the access to a mail-server using IMAP and SMTP.
Nextcloud itself dows contain neither a mailbox nor a mailserver.

So you will need to connect Nextcloud mail to an external IMAP mail account or setup and configure your own mailserver (but it’s tricky).

At the logs with NC 29.0.2 I see the same warning:
Warning mail itinerary file doesn't exist 2024-06-14T04:54:01+00:00. No further details.

The settings of mail sending are as followed:

  • sendmail
  • smtp (-bs)

Sending e-mails is functional by clicking the button for test at the settings site.