Issues with WebDav

So I am using Windows 10 and I am trying to add access to Nextcloud (which is running locally) via a mapped network drive.

Nextcloud server is running:

CentOS 7
Apache Webserver

But after trying to add I get errors saying logon failed. I know the username is correct and the password is correct because it copy and paste them in and I can use the same information to login via a browser.

Any help in resolving this?


I assume you have a cert and a pretty tight Nextcloud server right? (as it should be)
Then you have no chance to establish a webDAV connection from modern windows. The curiosity: With an older EOL Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server it should work. It’s Microsofts broken implemention of SNI in its WebClient component.

I’ve written (in german) a small blog about this on my facebook site:ürs-internet/1431970356867839/