Issues with brand new AIO install

I haven’t been happy with my existing Nexcloud that I set up on an Nginx webserver that is concurrently serving several other sites, so over the weekend I set up a brand new Nextcloud All-In-One instance on its own VM. It seemed fine, but now in the last 12 hours it has totally frozen twice, making it completely unusable and unreliable. Before I lose another day or two troubleshooting, I thought I’d ask here and give my basic configuration specs to see if anyone sees any red flags.


  • Digital Ocean Droplet: 2vCPUs / 2GB memory / 60GB storage
  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Firewall: UFW enabled with all appropriate ports opened

Nextcloud AIO:

  • Channel: beta
  • BorgBackup: daily backups enabled and showing no issues
  • Approximate size of files: 5GB
  • Extras: Collabora (Nextcloud Office) & Talk (tho not actually using Talk)

I’ve tried to share a Collabora doc with someone and CPU was above 100%, everything froze. This has happened a couple times now.

Is it worth going back to ‘latest’ channel instead of beta? Anything else that would be suspect in the setup?

Looking at the log (which I mostly don’t understand) I do see this repeatedly:

206.84 - - [27/Jun/2022:22:25:49 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 400 622 "-" "-"
:"info","ts":1656369389.5331867,"logger":"tls.on_demand","msg":"obtaining new certificate","server_name":""}
:"info","ts":1656369389.5337017,"logger":"tls.obtain","msg":"acquiring lock","identifier":""}
:"info","ts":1656369389.5382826,"logger":"tls.obtain","msg":"lock acquired","identifier":""}
:"error","ts":1656369389.5390816,"logger":"tls.obtain","msg":"will retry","error":"[] Obtain: subject does not qualify for a public certificate:","attempt":1,"retrying_in":60,"elapsed":0.000758175,"max_duration":2592000}
:"error","ts":1656369449.5412323,"logger":"tls.obtain","msg":"will retry","error":"[] Obtain: subject does not qualify for a public certificate:","attempt":2,"retrying_in":120,"elapsed":60.002909623,"max_duration":2592000}
:"info","ts":1656369569.53684,"logger":"tls.obtain","msg":"releasing lock","identifier":""}

Is there something with the the certificate? And if so, how to solve?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Also, if it is helpful, here are screenshots VM usage - see between 16:00 and 17:00 for last known disruption. I rebooted the server and that fixed it for now. Also it looks like there was another issue at 13:30, when I know another user was working on a shared Collabora doc.

Hello, to me this simply looks like a memory capacity problem: after the memory capacity was reached, it tried to write to the disk which slowed down the server by a lot. So for a fix I would try to increase the memory capacity or disable some of the optional addons to bring down the memory usage.

Hmmm, I see. @szaimen I was going off this:

System requirements: When any optional addon is enabled, at least 2GB RAM, a dual-core CPU and 40GB system storage are required. When enabling ClamAV, at least 3GB RAM are required.

And specced the server at 2GB, 2 vCPU… but it seems like it’s not enough :-/

Yeah looks like this is the case. I must admit the system requirements are at the low end. Depending on many factors you obviously must increase the server specs from that…

The system requirements are there for making sure that the server does not get immedeately killed because someone choose to enable too many options but runs on really low spec.