Issues with bookmarks & contacts apps / general feedback

I am not wanting to be negative but I had high hopes for my nextlcould install. I got a new domain and hosted with

There are a couple things that just are not enterprise or even personal use ready.


I imported them and realized that google put everyone I had ever emailed as a New contact. There are over like 700 of them. Multiple delete option does not exist for the contacts app. Yes this can be managed by the phone but that also requires scrolling through the list where in the contacts app in Nextcloud they are all at the top of the list as a New Contact. I will never really understand why the option to multi select delete was not created right from the beginning it seems like a basic function.


I imported google bookmarks which didn’t have the tags as needed. I then tried to do a multi select on bookmarks to delete. I found in the threads the proper format of the bookmarks file. I was going to do some extensive searching and replacing to get it right. However multi select delete does not exist so my 3000 bookmarks will need to be deleted one at a time.

I then found a plugin in hopes that maybe I could use it to delete. However the problem with it doesn’t allow multiple select and delete once the bookmarks are in sync. I also have an issue with it putting floccus:> as a tag.

I hope I didn’t diminish some of the other useful features. However with these 2 items already hitting me after 48 hrs of having my own cloud. I don’t think it is feasible to continue to invest the time and energy unless I am missing something.

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It’s already on the timeline for milestone 2.2.0:

Until recently, there was not much development in the bookmark app. Now they renewed the apps, created plugins, … but not all has been published yet but it should be soon:

I haven’t tried it, so I can’t tell you if there are improvements regarding your points. Perhaps wait a couple of days until the new release is available, and open feature requests for it on their bug tracker:

Thanks for your feedback. In such a way, it’s really helpful.


@NextCloudFox I’m sorry you have been disappointed. To be fair it’s not all one big chunk of software, but rather an ecosystem with varying levels of usability and readiness.

Regarding floccus, firstly, I understand that the floccus tags are not ideal. We’re working on a WebDAV backend as an alternative. However, you should already be able to delete multiple bookmarks with floccus:
Set up your account, sync the account, delete the bookmarks you want to delete, wait for the next sync or manually click on sync in the options. How did you expect it to behave and what did actually happen when you tried usign floccus, if I may ask? :slight_smile:

I would expect it to import into the bookmarks app as not one big blob of bookmarks. I know this will take a bit of work but importing from the major browsers whatever format they put them in should be supported in nextcloud.

So that everything stays organized as the user is used to when going to

I posted in other thread as well add encryption to bookmarks( and calendar/contacts as well( Both of these are creating a service out of this and having it as an option in nextlcoud would really set it apart. Notes as well needs encryption (Joplin/ another example of someone making it a paid service and or free and open source.

seems as if they would need someone helping in the evolution of “bookmarks” - and since you seem to have some ideas about it why not helping @marcelklehr and his team to develop said environment, yourself?

that would get my :+1:

If I had the skill set sure but I am not a developer. I can help with testing and ideas and bringing about greatness in the app. As I stated, I am not trying to hurt anyones feelings just pointing out what needs work.

well yes… a good try. but somehow nothing more than just a try.
since with a thread title like “nextcloud really seems to still be a beta” — ummm that would hurt the work of some dozen devs… since your problems are about 2 apps which won’t work the way you like/need. i think this title would need an general overhaul… so that forumists would know immediately what this is all about (since you mentioned some interesting issues that should be taken care of, really) . what do you think?


@JimmyKater breathe.

@NextCloudFox I’ve adjusted your topic title, more specific titles do make it easier to search and reference feedback like this in future.

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