Issue with user evens (ability to switch them off by users)

Hello !
I am new to Nextcloud and right now testing pre configured image in vitual box:

Ubuntu 16.04 OVA: Pre-installed Nextcloud (PHP7) using VirualBox on Windows 10 x64 host.

Image was downloaded from:

Anyway I manager to get it up and running, most of the things working as expected but I’ve got an issue and hope that you could advice if it’s a bug or a feature and if there is a way to resolve it now: I need to track all chnages (events) that happening with files withing Nextcloud. It seems that there is a great way to do so and nice settings to adjust what would be logged and what would be invisible to all users. My understanding was that this option should be editable only by admin users - so that regular users can’t hide their activity withing the system… But for some strange reason - regular users got ability to switch all logging events off by deselecting relative checkboxes in settings… Is there a way to fix this ? I.e. to disable this option for regular user - so that only admin user could change what activity events would be logged ???

I have just checked, and disabling activity view in email or stream will stop it from view of the regular user, but when I login as admin I can still see all the activity the user did, as long as it is done on a folder/file which originated by the admin.

It is true that the admin can’t see activity on the users own folder/files. This is how the current implementation is.