Issue with sharing documents from group folders

I’m having trouble sharing files and folders from group folders. Interesting fact: all users except one user and admin can share documents from group folders. I can create an external link from these two accounts, but I cannot edit it and if someone tries to use this link, they will receive the message: “The page was not found on the server or you may not have permission to view it.” Why admin and one user can’t share links and how to fix it?

Hard to say without more information. What are the Advanced Permissions on the folder(s)?

I don’t have any Advanced Permissions on the folders (photo attached).

from comand line: occ groupfolders:permissions 2
Advanced permissions not enabled for folder: 2

Today I noticed one more strange thing. When I add any user to the “admin” group, this user loses the ability to share files from group folders (i.e. a link is created, but when opening this link the above-mentioned message appears). Even if you later remove this user from the “admin” group, the ability to share does not return.

p.s. users log in to Nextcloud using ldap.

Anybody know how to fix users accounts after changing the group?
The file sharing problem still exists