Issue with Bulk Tagging since Nextcloud 28 Update

Hello everyone,

Since my recent update to Nextcloud 28, I’ve noticed a change in the file tagging functionality. Previously, I had the ability to tag multiple files simultaneously, but this feature seems to have disappeared since the update.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is it a new feature introduced in version 28, or is it potentially a bug? I frequently use the tagging feature to organize my files, and this limitation is causing an inconvenience.

If anyone has information on this matter or has found a solution, I would appreciate it if you could share. Otherwise, can we consider reporting this as a potential issue to the development team?

Thank you in advance for your responses and assistance!

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I noticed as well, unsure why this great feature has been turned into something rather useless.

I’m quite disappointed, it’s a feature that I often use, especially to mass tag some of my photos / files.

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I am the only one to find this feature, and missing now ?

Thank you.