Issue when i click on 3dots while photo is opened

using latest firefox and nextcloud 24.0.4. when i open photo (not in photo album section) and i click on 3 dots in right up corner … the menu goes somewhere its not visible …

i need to zoom in/out page… then it shows on proper area… any idea?


Maybe you find some informations with firefox dev tools (F12). Also you can upgrade to Nextcloud 24.0.5.

hello upgraded to 24.0.5, same issue ;(

In Nextcloud 25 is a photo app improved: Photos 2.0 .
Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3 – Brand New Design and Photos 2.0 with Editor and AI

Maybe it solves your problem.

but its still not stable release right? thanks

Nextcloud 25.0.0 is Stable. Changelog - Nextcloud

But the distribution runs over a few weeks. If you want to force it you have to switch to channel “Beta”, upgrade and then switch back to channel “Stable”. But maybe wait a little bit longer. By the way, companies usually wait at least until the first point release (or the next release :wink: ).

If you work productively with Nextcloud it would be good if you had a similar test system. There you could try out Nextcloud 25 without danger. Maybe Photos 2.0 helps you or not.