Issue sharing files with guests

Nextcloud version: 26.0.5 -
Operating system and version: Linux 4.15.0 #1 SMP Wed Jul 12 12:00:44 MSK 2023 x86_64replace me
Apache or nginx version: Apache (fpm-fcgi)
PHP version (eg, 7.4): 8.1.27

The issue you are facing:

Over the last few months, guests have often been unable to see shares. We share folders with guests. The guests only receive an error message stating that they are not authorised to upload or create files.

Files are displayed under the “Newest share”. However, when these are clicked on, an error message appears stating that the files do not exist.

The files do exist and “normal” Nextcloud users to whom the files or folder are also shared see the files and can open them.

We have not configured any restrictions on apps in the guest app.

Log protocol shows no error in connection with the guest user
Any help is apreciated
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We are experiencing the same problem right now.