Issue fresh install nextcloudpi at RPI3b+ running RASPOS64 version 2022-04-04

First i installed RASPOS64 lite at a 32GB SDcard (SSH enabled).
I did some initial configuration with raspi-config (wait for network, languages, wifi country, resizing the sdcard usage). But NO apt update/upgrade (coz this made the install of nextcloudpi fail).

Second i used for installation according to the site
curl -sSL | bash
This install process went fine (without apt updat/upgrade). No issues.
Next i figured out i had to modify the config.php file (add the [fixed] local ip address). Done.

Third step was going to https://“local ip address” for initial setup. I had to bypass the chrome alert and ended up at the login page, NOT the set-up wizard.

Does anyone knows how to get tot the set-up wizard now???

Also the https://“local ip address”:4443 was not accessible. Connection refused.

I remembered my first install of ncp a long time ago and tried the user ncp with the traditional password and was able to login to the system. All seems to work. I can add my default user for nextcloud as an admin.


Will also access the admin menu. Look through nc-info

Thanks for your reply just.
I guess you meant nc-init iso nc-info.
When i try nc-init it start promising but not for long :slight_smile:

Username is invalid because files already exist for this user
Nextcloud is not installed - only a limited number of commands are available
There are no commands defined in the “background” namespace.
There are no commands defined in the “config:system” namespace. (9 times)
failed to get ID
Done. Press any key…

I use nc-init with the standard ncp user but with different password.

Did i mixed up everything by logging in with ncp? Should i reinstall everything and run nc-init? Or you have a better suggestion? Thanks.