Is this the right way for our non-profit storage solution?

Hello Nextcloud’ers,

I am currently working on finding a suitable cloud solution for a non-profit where around 40 people need access to data. We currently use Dropbox, but this is too limited in terms of storage capacity, not everyone has access (more a management problem) and as a free version it is not possible to assign rights to users.

I am familiar with Owncloud, I used this during my studies at a study association. This was set up by a former board member at the time and I can manage users and update the software. So lately I have been trying to figure out the options, looking at paid options and also the option as a non-profit(Microsoft office 365 Non-profit and the G-Suite Non-profit). Hereby I came up with the requirements that we have Nextcloud is the best option and then to run this through our current VPS where our websites are running on.

Installation should not be a problem with the explanation that is here. But I am currently investigating how we can best organize the rights for users. Under the board we work with different commissions and projects, each of which deals with separate parts of the folder structure. The idea is that almost every commissions has reading rights everywhere because of the transparency of the organization and being able to find information.

The idea to assign the rights is through Group folders, which are set up and assigned to the groups by the admin account. Commission 1 then receives all rights in the Group folder of Commission 1, but only read rights in the other groups. In addition, everyone would get rights in the general folders. Then I come to the following overview:

I still have the following questions:

  • Is this a common method or are there better / more effective ways?
  • Is it possible to prohibit users from writing files outside of these main folders?
  • I don’t need the standard Nextcloud files / folders, can I turn them off in the skeleton or are there other ways for this?
  • Are there any issues that I need to pay attention to?

Yes you can !
You have to look into the nextcloud folder you have a skeleton of those default files. You can delete them.
After that you can create your user.

If you create users before touching the skeleton… too late.

You cannot prohibit user to create/modify/delete files folders outside the GroupFolder. They have a private space that they can use. You could put quota on user, normally groupfolder don’t affect user quota.



We still need to create everything outside of the demo area of nextcloud and on our own server. So we definitinally will take this one in the process.

Will look if it necassry to limit people but, it’s good to know that this is a possiblity.