Is this shared hosting installer legit?

Hello everyone,

I’d love to try Nextcloud on shared hosting.

I found this link : How To Install Nextcloud On Shared Hosting - Kev Quirk

Does anyone know whether this installer really works?


The problem is not the installer.
The problem is the support.

There are errors you can not solve on webspace nextcloud installations.
E.g. there is no “occ”.

You can better use free or paid managed nextcloud hosting or on VPS.

That is fine advice, and clearly well-meant. But that is not the answer to my question.

For good and sufficient reason, I want to try this.

So I would like to hear either from someone who tried it and had success, or someone who did and found it doesn’t work.

The guide looks good as the installer is the official one from Nextcloud meant to be used exactly for such cases. So, while I haven’t tested it, I’m petty sure it works, unless the shared hosting comes with limited webserver or PHP features enabled. Check out the docs about which PHP modules are required:

It depends a lot on the shared hoster. If they have a community or forum, check out if people there have been using Nextcloud already. If it is just for the installer, just give it a try, it takes less time doing it than thinking about it.


Well. I have been able to run my own session on my OVH shared host, but :

  • you need an SSH access to your account
  • It seems I am stuck with NC20 because my MySQL Database is limited to 5.6 and does not support 4 octets encryption.

On my side, once connected by SSH : the command line are simply php occ... (with no sudo)…
I had to set folders permissions on 755 and files on 644.

I hope it may help.

Good luck.

Yes that is ok. Your login and nextcloud instance runs in the same user contest.
On normal installations you must change (sudo) from your user or root to the webserver user mostly www-data (Debian, Ubuntu).