Is this project dead?

No upgrades in over a year, and there are bugs in the code. What is happening?

Hello @jiml88!

Just curious, where do you see that there are no upgrades in over a year?

@cybersecfun - I guess he was talking about “passman”. It would be nice, if one could mention the app as well in the message itself, not only in the tag. I’ve seen this several times and yes, it’s disturbing :wink:

Ah! Completely missed that. I see the tag now.

I don’t see any activity on the GitHub either except some language updates 2 days ago, otherwise the last commit appears to have been 6 months ago. I wonder then if this is the new thing…?

It seems to do what Passman does but with cleaner Nextcloud integration

For those who are interested to see it on v14 there is already a bounty for it.

Meet you there!

What do you think about the default “password” module ?

I don’t understand a bounty on a dead project is a solution???

The Passwords app is very active. I think at least 4 new releases a year.

Isn’t it more useful to create feature requests in Passwords of features you love in Passman? And if the developers of Passwords don’t have enough time to process them all in a reasonable time, to put bounties on these feature requests?

Well, this is the great thing about free open source software.

If you got the money, there is no reason to abandon the software you use.
Besides you know migrations suck, more when there is security involved.

So having it follow the same path has a value for current users.

That said,
I invite you to fund the project that you support.

You’re right about this great side of open source. But…

A password-app is a security app. I wouldn’t like to use such an app if there is no one to maintain it. So a one-time-payement to do ‘something’ with the app doesn’t seem to me like a smart investment.

Maybe pay for a migration tool from passman to passwords is something I would do. But I’m already using passwords. Sorry :wink:

Yeah - the great thing about free software - you do an update and suddenly all your passwords are gone.

Please let me strongly note that I talk about free as in freedom.
Not as in gratis.

Besides, and old saying reads,
You get you pay for.

That said, I’m not into rants, so take care!.

Yeah - I know. I’m just being snarky. I use this for family and a few other people. It isn’t one of the things I support though. Still not clear if the project is dead or not. The Git version has been updated to include v14 as the max version, so downloading it and updating will get passman working.

The interface is a bit broken, though.

If you go to Passman -> Settings, the ‘Deleted Credentials’ bit hides a link to ‘Settings’. Right click on Deleted Credentials and delete the element in the inspector thingie. Click settings.

This will at least let you export credentials - the json option seems to be the best option. I could not import the CVS into Passwords, but the JSON version imported fine.

Anyway - time to log off my Nethserver system, log out of Nextcloud, shutdown Kubuntu and go moan about open source software while watching Mythtv.