Is there such a thing as a "Private File Drop" or a "Private Read-Only File Share"?

Looking for a solution that would allow me to use nextcloud to upload a file from a public-facing network to a private one.

The “File Drop” and “Read-only File Share” features are exactly what I want to see – the ability to upload files to a folder without seeing the contents or the ability to download files without being given access to upload more or edit them.

Problem is, they’re anonymous.

Is there a feature like this that works only for authenticated users? Any other ideas that I could use to reach my end goal?

I tried using File Access Control, but it to lack the ability to hide blocked files from view or limit specific permissions (i.e. allow download, disallow upload)


I am not sure but it seem you want to have your Nextcloud server hosted by a provider for free…

Welcome to the non-twilight zone…

  • Server host for free: no such thing…

  • Paying a very low fee for a virtual-server or share-server is a possibility. It cost between 1 euro and 5 euro a month, with a storage capacity of 50Go to 100Go, but honestly, better buy an USB key, on a years rent, you will save money.

Lowest pricing for a Serveur Virtuel Cloud XXL with 6 vCores (CPU), 12 Go RAM, OS on a 240 Go SSD based on ubuntu/Debian/linux EU based, with extra storage around 1TO will be at minimum 87 Euros/month… times 12*87–> 1044 euros/years !!!

Better buy a cheap PC, add disk, use linux, learn and sharpen your skills installing a Lamps server using Nextcloud… Mostly the same pricing, but for several years…

My first server cost me around 2000 Euros, almost six years ago… Alive and kicking

this the right thread?

Hi! What you wan’t can’t be fully achieved. The closest what you can do is making a folder, sharing this folder with some people on your instance, with the only permission set to “creating”. Users will still be able to see the content of the folder because the folder is shared with them, but the only permission they have is to add new files, they won’t be able to edit or delete them.


This would be a file drop. So, just uploading.

This would be sharing a folder or file by url.

fyi, allowing both of these is literally a read+write folder. So, I assume they are two different things to share as opposed to the same thing. Both are 100% do-able by themself individually. Together, it is just another read and write location… Try it and see if everything works as expected.

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