Is there any API for file previews?


I’m a total newbie to NextCloud and WebDAV but here we are. What I’m trying to achieve is to create a Wordpress plugin that would be able to import images with their properties from our NextCloud instance to Wordpress media library.

At the moment the idea is to create a simple WP plugin that could provide a simple UI to browse and select our Nextcloud files to import, something similar to Dropbox Chooser however the main difference is that It’d be hosted within the Wordpress not the Nextcloud.

At the moment I have established a connection to NextCloud with sabe/dav WebDAV client and I’m successfully getting file and folder listing. So far so good.

The main problem is that I’m unable to find any way to get file previews (thumbnails)? Is that even possible with any of the APIs?

Also, if you think that my approach is wrong and there is a better way to create a solution for importing NextCloud stuff to WP, please let me know!

Thank you!