Is there an upgrade path from ownCloud 10.0.1?

I found a few thread about there being no direct route from OC 10.0.1 to NC 12. Does that mean there’s no path from OC 10.0.1 to NC of any version?

Yeah, I saw that. The question was whether there is an upgrade path to an older version of NC? Ie an indirect path.

Apparently a lot changed in the DB between OC 9 & 10 meaning from 10.0.0 onwards migration has to be from 10 > 12 or higher. In this case you’ll need to wait until 10.0.1 has been verified as compatible with 12 in order to migrate, as trying to migrate to another version will likely fail.

ok, no worries. Thanks.
Is there a planned timeline for this or is it a done when it’s done thing?

@jospoortvliet may be able to answer that for you.

It simply needs testing, that is why it is disabled. We will test it with 12.0.1 and will enable upgrading to that version then.

WRT timing, 1-2 weeks at most.

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Perfect. Thanks Jos.


Is there any update on availability of an upgrade from OC 10.0.1 to NC 12?

The page at still shows “Note that ownCloud 10.0.1 can not yet be migrated to Nextcloud 12, we are still testing this upgrade path to make sure it is 100% reliable!”.

But the page at shows that “OC 10.0.2 or earlier” can be migrated to “NC 12.0.1 or later”?!

Not sure if that is an error or if the two statements correspond to different methods of migration (migration tool installed at /updater/index.php vs a manual process)?

Any info or advice greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Antoine

It should be fixed now, though our documentation still needs to be updated to reflect that!