Is there an storage limit for nextlcoud?

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I have not yet found any information on the subject. i’am planing to install nextlcoud. Is there an logical limit for the storage, for the nextcloud software? So the goal is to install an Ubuntu 20.04 with 30TB+ Space for the Nextcloud.

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Well, it’s mostly your system’s limits. Your storage is limited, at some point the database and caching stuff become too large. You can split in different setups (for sub-units, still share in between the setups with federated sharing).

For global setups (very very large setups), you have additional tools (GitHub - nextcloud/globalsiteselector: The Nextcloud Portal allows you to run multiple small Nextcloud instances and redirect users to the right server). There are resources available, you can get a glimpse on the possibilities but there is not much documentation and most of these setups rely on enterprise support.

There is no limit saying for more than xx TB or yy users you have to buy a subscription.

Sorry i do not know the maximum space of nextcloud.

But perhaps you like with 30TB+ the use of self hosted object storage. Sorry not tested.

More than 80.000 out of 100.000.000 files are changed daily in the tubCloud. About 70 TB disk space is used at the moment for TUB itself with more in use by the other DFN members.

from the white paper “TU Berlin Migration”. And they are talking about NC11, PHP5.6. So the paper is quite old. imho.

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TU Berlin Migration full link:

Read also page 19 for tubCloud (Technical University Berlin) and more details.

Hi @boospy

The simple answer is: No.

The more complex answer is: It depends :wink:

If you are planning a large scale setup with many users, see the replys from @tflidd and @devnull

If this is for personal / home usage, which most likely means that you want to use it as a media server, I would answer: You can do it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Nextcloud is not very good when it comes to handle and playing large media collections. And it’s also not desinged to serve data to other apps unless these apps can connect to your Nextcloud via WebDAV. I would recommend you to separate these things. Use Nextcloud like you would use M365 or Google Workspace and use someting else like Plex or Jellyfin to handle your media files. You won’t be happy otherwise… :wink:

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Yes. I also store my photos from 10 years ago - i never watch - on normal USB HDDs. On my Nextclouds i only store files e.g. photos from the last few years.

Very thanks for answers :slight_smile: So i think i would work.

In detail: This time there are 25TB Photos and also 4k, 8k, self made movies. Only one user is working at this nextcloud. 3 Clients: 2 Windows and one tablet.

As long as you provide enough network speed, a bit caching and for very very sure a high peformance mariadb setup, wich means might run the DB on a different machine etc etc, this should work you I don’t see a reason why it should not.

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