Is there an option to always keep files on the Android device?

I would like to use the Nextcloud client for Android to keep a synchronized copy of certain folders on my Android device. The folders shall be stored on the device, and updated in the background. I would like to see, which folders I ticked for keeping.

Is this possible?

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it used to be possible in the past, but i encounter problems with that function since a coiuple of updates.
In my case I have a KEEPASS kdbx file which keeps synchronized between all my devices. To enable this i used to select that file in my android nextcloud client, tap the three dots on the right of that file and tap synchronize or download. after a short while the file gets a green checker symbol.
If this is the case I can close the network connection and use the file locally in my keepass client. by default it seems to be stored in:

unfortunately lately it happened a couple of times that after some period of time the file disappeared so keepass was unable to locate and use it offline…
anyone any idea?

I saw that “Download” butten but found no explanation for it, especially nothing about the retention policy. The docs were (still are?) unavailable.

Hence, you were observing exactly what I feared would happen: if a file is not used for some time, it will silently be removed from the device.

Can this behaviour be changed, please?

I’m using the App FolderSync for everything related to sync task with Android and Nextcloud.

It is working well, I can really recommend it :slight_smile: