Is there an automatic internal HTTP to HTTPS redirection?

My initial situation

My initial problem was that I could not log in to a freshly installed Nextcloud instance. The login page came up without any issues, but after typing the credentials, the page reloaded automatically. I tried again and again to login without any progress.

I noticed that when I typed my own IP address, it showed up with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This happened even though I didn’t set anything in NGINX. I just had to add HTTP explicitly, and it worked.

The setup was on a VM and, as said, without SSL setup. I have a HAProxy in front, which I want to set up with SSL later on. If it’s imported, nginx, PostgreSQL and Redis were or are used for it.


This situation is solved now, I guess. The solution to it was to add an overwrite configuration of the protocol to stay on HTTP in the config.php file.

Addition to the config.php file:

'overwriteprotocol' => 'http',

My Question

Do I have some missed SSL configuration somewhere, or does Nextcloud have an automatic internal HTTPS redirection?

Handling of http/https(incl. SSL) is done by the webserver.


Thank you for answering! I will look again at the nginx configuration in this case.

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