Is there an archive to download old nextcloudpi images? i.e. vers 21.0.1?

is there an archive for really old nextcloudpi images?

When trying to rebuild nextcloud pi from a backup file with ncp-config, with a php < 7.3, this does not work with latest nextcloud pi image with php 8.1. We receive the typical error message, php versions do not match. therefore we would like to try to install an old version, with php 7.3 - to get hold of our data.

we tried to downgrade manually to php 7.3 - did not work.

now we feel the safest method is to download an old version that matches regarding php to the old backed up version

Is there any hidden repository that slipped google’s attention?
thxs for any hint

You maybe noticed already, that the oldest stable version available on github

is from July 2022

The image for the RPI for example is one of the available assets
(Changelog shows some preparation for Nextcloud version v23.0.6).

You can find previous versions (from old website using the wayback-machine
Wayback Machine

@ schoetju - thanks for your hint, we will try if an old version accessed via wayback includes PHP 7.3. - and will report if then the restore from backup will work successful