Is there a way to have a user ability to add new user groups but not be a super admin?


I have an IT systems administrator as the admin on my Nextcloud 12 instance.

I then have a less tech savy user as the groups admin. However, I don’t want him to accidentally mess with any nextcloud admin settings. Can a user be provisioned to manage all user aspects, such as add groups as well? this would make sense to seperate out all the the user functions to this user manager.

If it is not core is there a plan to do this in an add on app?

Good to know the plans if any in this part of Nextcloud.



Users as they are configured right now

IT admin - user role : admin

User manager (HR) - user role : Group admin

Regular users - user assigned to groups

The issue at the moment is that if HR want to create a new group they’d need to raise a ticket with IT admin to do so. Not what is needed in this case. We have tried to think ahead and provision each team and group but inevitably there will be changes to group names and also the number of groups.

Any ideas welcome?

Circles allows your users to create their own groups of users/colleagues/friends. Those groups of users (or ‘circles’) can then be used by any other app for sharing purpose (files, social feed, status update, messaging, …).

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Thanks @anon99252149

I will check out circles for sure. I did not realise it could be used as a way to manage groups.

Maybe it fulfils the requirement. Installing this now on my test server.

Much appreciated.


HI Thomas,

I have tested out the cicles app in staging. It is not quite what I need but thanks for the suggestion. I still think Nextcloud could do with a User Admin role that is similar to group admin in terms of menu permissions but can administer all users, create groups and assign group admins.

Any tips on adding a feature request to Nextcloud team? I think I’ll need that to continue using this given the team using it and the management involved.

Any other apps that might do this? Any feedback would be great.


Please file an issue on GitHub.

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Thanks @anon99252149

I’ll do that for sure. Much appreciated.