Is there a way of moving, or settings where a file shared with me lives?

I have a file shared with me, it’s from the same server, and shared via nextcloud user names.

Currently it lives in my root documents folder. I’d prefer it somewhere else, further into my directly structure.

Can I move it and maintain the share link?

Oh I think I just worked it out. I think previously I’d moved it via the Nextcloud windows sync. THat broke the link I think.

But I just moved it via the browser. That seems to have retained that it’s owned by the other user.

you can set this in settings → personal → shares

Set default folder for accepted shares

not quite sure if I formulated that correct as I have my cloud in non English but you should find it there

Interesting, I don’t have that option.

(Sorry would have posted screen shot, but image wouldn’t upload)

that is odd indeed but I have not noticed this option before NC v23.

then again I don’t always check all the options until someone asks about them.

What version are you running

Not 23 yet… :smiley:
I’m on 21.09 and have 22.2.5 available.