Is there a release schedule for nextcloud?


It seems there will be a release at the end of this month. Is there a release schedule somewhere ? As one can find on owncloud github wiki.
It’s very usefull when you have to planify upgrades, and gives a clear view of what’s coming. :slight_smile:

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But “No due date” for now.

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PS: should this be moved to another category, because I think releases is only for actual release announcements

Seems more like a support request than a topic about a specific release to me, ergo => Support.

Ok thx :slight_smile:

Now that the thread is properly labelled, is there any answer about release schedule, please ?

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And a feature list for the new version like


Yes, we’ve been working very ad-hoc, without much planning. But that has to change, of course.

I think we should try to do a preliminary release plan next week or so and discuss it the week after - we plan on doing another hack week the first week of August, same place as last time the BBQ. And yes, of course everybody is invited, I just haven’t had time to write a invitation blog, we just decided this like 2 days ago and you know how much news I’ve been pushing out… I’ll blog on Monday about the meeting, OK?

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My precedent post was a bit rude, I’m sorry. There’s no need to take pressure :sweat:

I understand that it’s not easy to planify as you just started Nextcloud. And it’s holyday’s time for lot of people (maybe not your team…).
Anyway, thank you for your answer. :beers:

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What is this ‘holiday’ thing you speak off? Some kind of food?



What is this ‘holiday’ thing you speak off?

It’s an old ritual practiced in incumbent, entrenched businesses that have long been out of their startup phase to make sure that staff actually remember to go home occasionally, so the offices don’t begin to smell.

Don’t worry. As you’re all working remotely, just remember to take the odd shower, and you’ll all be fine.

@Bugsbane I feel enlightened. My gratitude for sharing your wisdom :wink:

I have my wife pushing me to take showers daily, sometimes she even throws in the dog with me, claiming we both need to get clean. It’s insane, I know, but I guess I should be grateful she cares about how smelly we are.

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There is now a maintenance schedule in the github-wiki:


Holy cow, looking at that makes me feel old. I remember eagerly trying out the pre-release ownCloud code before 1.0 was out and learning how to run a server just so I could try it. I didn’t realize it had been 7 years already since then! o.O