Is there a Nextcloud notes for android / mobile

I see Notes is featured and Quick Notes is not.
Anyhow, I installed both and they are working.

The nextcloud app on android doesn’t have these apps built in so I’m looking around.
I see googleplay shows: Nextcloud notes, Carnet, Quilnotes and things.
I have never tried those and wondered if anyone has thoughts on any product for notes.

Actually trying to replace services I use already. I have replaced OneDrive, and bookmarks with Nextcloud service for my camera photos and bookmarks app on nextcloud. So that part I have working.

So now notes, calendar/tasks, email and text would be nice if possible.

I’m also looking at Deck Nextcloud and it has a task thing. Not really a calendar but shows tasks status etc.

Please advise on what you know

Nextcloud Notes Android app is available in PlayStore and F-droid. Same for Nextcloud Deck Android app.

Calendar/tasks are sync to yous Android device with DavX5 (few bucks on PlayStore and free on F-droid)

I’m confused about how calendar tasks sync to android ?
My android has google calendar but I dont see any android calendar built in to android.
Does DavX5 install those ?

On Android, contacts and calendars data are stored in a central database. The “Contact” and “Calendar” apps you use are just front-ends to access the data stored in the database.

DavX5 create the links between a caldav (for calendar) and carddav (for contact) server, and your internal database. DavX5 syncs your contacts and calendars/tasks from your Nextcloud to your Android phone. You can use what you want to access your contacts or calendars on your phone : the google-made apps built in the phone, or any other app you can find on PlayStore or, preferably, F-droid.

Even if your app is called Google Calendar, it will show you the data from the database, so your Nextcloud’s sync’ed data.

There is an implementation for Android in the F-Droid Store but i never used it.

I’m using the login flow and nextcloud connected and I assume all is well. I installed on android and then from nextcloud connected to davx5.

However, I don’t know how or where to see my calendar on android or nextcloud.
I don’t use the google calendar atm and using proton calendar instead.

Do I need to install some app on the nextcloud first or should I just be connected ? Google calendar doesn’t have a setting to change anything that I can tell. Nor does Proton Calendar.

I don’t really understand what it does or how to be sure I am using the calendar data on my nextcloud.
Can you outline how it it works and what settings I need to change on android and nextcloud if any ?

First, you have to have the calendar app installed in Nextcloud, of course.

In DavX5, you create a new connection (click on the + icon at the bottom right). Then, choose the second choice : Connect with URL and username. Just enter your Nextclous URL (e.g :, your username and your password (your nextcloud credentials)

That’s all. You can also choose with Nextcloud calendars you want to sync.

Then use your calendar app on Android to access your… calendars.

I don’t know how proton calendar works. But if it’s like for the emails, it shouldn’t work, as it’s all encrypted.

I followed this video as described and got the same screens as shown.

sync buttons on android davx5 seem to sync but no data propagates to nextcloud.

Proton Calendar ist encrypted like Proton Mail and doesn’t support CalDAV, just like Proton Mail doese’t support IMAP. (allthough there is a Bridge App for Proton Mail to connect desktop clients via IMAP). If you want to use Proton Calendar on Android you have to use their app. Get early access to Proton Calendar for Android

But actually that is not relevant at all, when it comes to Nextcloud, because davx5 together with Nextcloud is meant to sync the calendars on your Nextloud with your phone, not calendars from other services with your Nextcloud. Your Nextcloud is the calendar service provider in this case. You cannot sync one service to another with it. Well maybe you can somehow, but why would you wanna do that in the first place? What you can do though, is connect multiple calendars from multiple services that support CalDAV and manage them with one calendar app on your phone. But as I said Proton Calendar dosen’t support CalDAV, so there is that :wink:

Thanks and sorry for this confusion and thanks for the help.

OK, so I don’t really care to use proton or google or anything. I’m wanting to use my own nextcloud calendar that does not have anything on it atm.

So I think I got it worked out. Once I went to the google calendar built into this android, I see in settings accounts, I do see my nextcloud user now.

So I went to gmail and removed my account which also removed it from the calendar. So now I have a fresh empty calendar to experiment with. This is the part I didn’t really understand because I always only saw the google account listed there.

Now I after I login to the davx5 like the video shows, I do eventually see my nextcloud user account there.

I exported my calendar from proton and imported to nextcloud.

All synced up like a charm. THANKS

So now just have to change all my access user accounts that I previously registered using gmail to another email service that I can run on my own VM.

So far I’ve de-googled the browser,bookmarks and calendar, and folder/photo storage all switched to nextcloud now. YAY.

So now I think only a couple more things to solve like email.

Also would be nice to be able to use the photo share feature but have an actual url that I could use on ebay listings etc.

I don’t see how I can do that with nextcloud exactly.
Ebay allows you to use url for listings and not just uploads.

Anyhow thanks to all.

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This is the way! :slight_smile:

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I wander if there is desktop version of note app.

I think there is only an Android App from Niedermann IT-Dienstleistungen

stefan-niedermann (Niedermann IT-Dienstleistungen) · GitHub
Nextcloud Notes | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

But perhaps someone like it to program desktops and ios apps.
Android Notes is GPL: nextcloud-notes/LICENSE at master · stefan-niedermann/nextcloud-notes · GitHub
Nextcloud Notes is AGPL: notes/COPYING at master · nextcloud/notes · GitHub

For the desktop you have Qownnotes :

You can also install the qownnotes API app on your nextcloud server for a better integration.

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It does work in the browser. Not really desktop version but it works well.

The notes of the Niedermann app on android uses the folder /Notes on the server to store all the notes as separate files. Then using file explorer or total commander you can go there, search for the right note and edit-read-delete it. Also adding notes using your favourite editor is possible, but you need to store it as a *.md file.
Works great for just short notes.

No. All my notes are stored naturely as *.txt files.

Both is correct: It depends on the settings of your Notes app at the bottom left: If one chooses .md as extension, only new .md files will be recognized, if one chooses .txt as extension, only new .txt files will be recognized.

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