Is there a newbie guide for setting up signaling server using docker-compose?

I’m a newbie who has been trying to run up a test instance of nextcloud-spreed-signaling using the supplied docker-compose file, but I’m finding the documentation in this area confusing.

Should it be possible to run this up for local use without tailoring the supplied configuration, or are some basic changes needed?

If I try the following:

git clone
cd nextcloud-spreed-signaling
cp server.conf
docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

According to the janus log, the server is started:

[WARN] libwebsockets has been built without IPv6 support, will bind to IPv4 only
libwebsockets logging: 0
WebSockets server started (port 8188)...
JANUS WebSockets transport plugin initialized!
WebSockets thread started

But if I try and connect to the following endpoints I get a connection refused error.


The readme states:
“You will likely have to adjust the Janus command line options depending on the exact network configuration on your server.”

If configuration is needed before being able to connect to the socket, can anyone advise which values need to be updated?

Try this:

It’s not that simple, but the instuctions above are good.