Is there a feature that you can download files like Rsync/FTP-Filezilla?

Hello all,

we using here nextcloud 15.x. and there in the public section we have some special installation files for download at the customer. The problem is that some customer have a really bad internetconnection, so we would like to use a syncdownload, like rsync or ftp filezilla. Because with that the download starts again automatically after an disconnect and start the download where it was broken off. Is there a plugin or a feature that we can do that?

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There is the sync client that normally splits larger files in smaller pieces and should be able to do a synchronisation on slower connection. You can also connect directly via webdav, not sure how well the server supports to resume a download.

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As tflidd mentioned about clients instead of web based access.

I know the client, but in this context it makes no sense. Because the client will only once used. But durning i write here, maybe we can do an strategy change…

Is there a way to start the synclcient in Windows @backend without userlogin?