Is There A CRM App?

Is there any app that provides CRM (or CRM “Lite”) functionality?

If not, does anybody have any CRM recommendations that integrates nicely with Nextcloud’s contacts and calendar apps?

Schau Dir das mal an ? Aktuell kostet die Lebenslängliche Lizenz 99 USD :grinning:

Sorry :sweat: I meant: Have a look at this ? Currently the lifetime license costs 99 USD :grinning:

Danke! Since Nextcloud already has OnlyOffice, how would I add this feature?

You are welcome.
CRM is a part of the paid onlyoffice version. Actually you pay 99 USD for a lifetime licence.

PS After installing you will get a instruction by how to integrate it into your nextcloud. This depends how your nextcloud was installed.

Did you tried it ?

I’m searching for a similar solution and would like to receive your feedback on it.

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I would also like feedback on this please.

As far as I understand it, CRM is only part of OnlyOffice Workspace and not of the OnlyOffice Integration Edition, which only includes the document editors. It definitly was like this when I tested OnlyOffice Workspace (as they call it know) a few years ago.

OnlyOffice Workspace itself offers redundant features to Nextcloud, at least to some extent, like e.g. file sharing / management, calendar etc. if you want to use the CRM module of OnlyOffice Workspace, you would then maybe integrate Nextcloud into OnlyOffcice Workspace, but most certainly not the other way around. AFAIK there is no way to integrate OnlyOffice Workspace features other than the document editors into Nextcloud. But you can use a OnlyOffice Workspace instance with the CRM module and all other OnlyOffice Workspace features (which can also include the document editors) and then access documents stored on a Nextcloud instance from there.