Is there a CLI sync client for linux?

Is there any kind of shell based sync client for Nextcloud?

The electron based desktop client for linux takes 450 MB ram on my machine. ATM Firefox is using 750 MB and Thunderbird is using 430 MB with Plasma itself using 400 MB. A lighter weight CLI sync client that runs in the background would be great if anyone knows of one?

You hook up via webdav directly and use rsync?

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Right, so if I pushed my local folder into Nextcloud via webdav then they would get “registered” correctly in MySQL as well. I’m not sure what I would do to get new files abck into my local folders that are uploaded to Nextcloud directly from other clients though.

I think I will try Syncthing again and take note of how much ram it uses this time. If it’s around 50 MB of ram then I might have to switch over to it and then find some simple DAV solution to replace Nextclouds contacts and calendar apps.

Maybe nextcloudcmd is what you’re looking for?


Yes, if you go through the webdav interface, everything is handled correctly within Nextcloud (in contrast when you just put things in the data folder).

You can just mount Nextcloud via webdav in your filesystem. Either you use it directly, or you sync it to a local folder. I think rsync can also sync files both ways based on the change date of the file…

I think there was (not sure if it is still the case) a problem that there were some dependencies with GUI-packages that you don’t want to install on a non-desktop device.

Perfect. Thanks for the pointer. I simply quit the “nextcloud” desktop client and fired off nextcloudcmd with the right args and it synced a couple of files I added to my local Nextcloud folder to my Nextcloud VM and on to my Android phone :slight_smile:

nextcloudcmd is a lightweight 72K binary that I can put on a nightly cron job. Again, thanks for the heads up.